1. JMA ORGANIC / the beauty lab
2. WOLFGANG PUCK / the decadent pizza

3. 1000 STORIES VINEYARDS / the stories we tell

Another fun shoot by Drool Visuals. Great times playing in the studio/laboratory!

Shot in two days in Napa and Sonoma, CA. with a lovely international production team. The cooperage was fantastic. From a cinematography standpoint, t'was like shooting fish in a barrel (pun intended.)

Director: Felipe Dacaret
Producers: Alan Fischer / Jefferson Curry
Cinematography: Cliff Traiman


5. AERIAL REEL / eye in the sky
6. 26.2 TO LIFE / inside the san quentin marathon (trailer)


Over a year in the making, with 31 crew members, 47 actors, and 17 locations, this has been one of our more ambitious projects to date. Massive THANK YOUS to everyone involved!

Put together over the last year or so. Some great locations. Some great clients. Some great luck with the weather...

Music: Sigur Ros: Hoppipolla

Over two years in the making, many hundreds of hours of footage, and thousands of laps around the prison yard, we finally have a trailer! This is a beautiful, sometimes disturbing, account of the marathon run entirely inside the walls of America's most infamous penitentiary. I am proud to have been a part of this inspirational project, and to have gotten to know the filmmakers, coaches and inmates who make it all possible.

7. HONDA / presidents' day
8. GOQii / a healthy day

9. DORITOS / dawg gone it

Fun times shooting cars & cupcakes at Mel's Diner...

Fun two days in Nacasio, CA! Shot with the Sony A7s on the Letus Helix and

This spot came together super fast with an amazing effort on all parts. Jumpy the dog was a treat to work with! (Pun intended.)

10. BAY ALARM / home invasion

12. NBC NEWS NYC / tiny neighborhoods

13. NBC NEWS NYC / tiny neighborhoods
14. HEWLETT PACKARD / some vr pr

15. MILK / got dinner milk?

Three days of shooting. Splendid locations. Fantastic team of filmmakers! Transparent House did the FX and killed it!

A nice twist on the classic "Got Milk?" campaign. Produced by the very savvy, Jefferson Curry and Directed by the wildly talented Timothy Plain of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. A huge thanks to a great crew and cast!!!

16. PSA / fostermore.org

17. PARK MERCED / live larger
18. SMUD / connected

This PSA was written by my fiancée, Michelle during a 14 minute BART ride home. She intended to outline only a few key points but, using her own voice (she was a Foster Kid), ended up writing something that was super simple and beyond powerful. She read it to me as we walked home, and I knew immediately we had our script... We assembled a fantastic crew: Robert Caruso, the Director. Brian Benson, the Producer. I couldn't ask for a more talented and dedicated group folks. Massive thanks to everyone who worked on this. We made something we can all be proud of!!! Thanks you Stewart Foundation and Disney for making this happen.

DP:Cliff Traiman
Director:Robert Caruso
Producer:Brian Benson

Proud to be the DP on this very fun campaign! Had some wonderful sets and talent - both on and off camera. Great work team!

Another successful campaign for 2016! This was the most popular one ever, with 93% approval rating! (Approval by whom, I don't know.) ;-)

19. PSA / trust for public land
20. BANK OF MARIN / cold cash

3 cities, gorgeous locations, great team of filmmakers, and a ton of lans flairs...

Love the atmosphere in this piece. No lights. Shot from a Zodiac hand held with a Movi. No equipment was harmed... And the talent swam from the Farallon Islands back to San Fran (not for this spot, but still...)

Another successful campaign for 2016! This was the most popular one ever, with 93% approval rating! (Approval by whom, I don't know.) ;-)